Word wide available digital archive of BLAGO Fund, became an inevitable resource for both students and scholars on numerous faculties in Serbia, as well as abroad. A large number of BLAGO Fund photographs are published in Serbian and foreign scientific periodicals and monographs. For this occasion, BLAGO released a short booklet documenting some of...
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 The complete collection of Monastery Studenica is available on the BLAGO website. More than three thousand pictures represent the work of BLAGO over the last few years.
 In June of 2018, the BLAGO team went to Arilje, where the collection of the St Achillius church was created. The church of St. Achillius, Bishop of Larissa, Greece, a staunch opponent of the Arian heresy and a participant of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, located in a small city of Arilje, western Serbia, was the destination of BLAGO ...
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 In March of 2018, the BLAGO team went to Mileseva. The last collection from the monastery was from the year 2000, and the refresh was required — members of the small group: Gordana, Jelena, Meda, Zoran, and Nenad. Besides being cold, this trip was as always memorable.
 A GIGA panoramic VR has been added to Studenica collection. This represents the most accurate and detailed up to date recording of the Studenica's main church, the Presentation of the Holy Virgin.
 The Blago Fund Team donated slides and DVDs on Serbian monasteries to the Princeton and Harvard Universities. Slides and DVDs were created by Blago field team during their years of extensive work in Monastery Mileseva, August 2000, 195 slides; Monastery Studenica, Monastery Gracanica, June 2003, 98 slides; Monastery Decani, June 2004, 21 slid...
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